From left to right : Martijn Mansvelders (bass, vocals), Joris Lindner (drums, vocals),
Mo Truijens (lead vocals, guitar) and Mathijs Bodt (guitar, vocals)
(Photo: Hoofdomhoog-art)

Komatsu is a super-massive rock band from Eindhoven, the rock capital of the Netherlands. Their music is a mix of sludge, stoner rock and metal. Komatsu is praised for their live performances. The press writes:

“A Komatsu show will let the ground shake and gets your attention from start to finish. It is truly an eargasm for the trained listener. At a live show Komatsu grabs your throat and then not let go”.

"This flat rolling machine with her ​​bulldozer-rock will effortlessly conquer Europe and other continents!"

Komatsu is formed early 2010. Members of locally acclaimed bands from Eindhoven Rock City joined forces. Their years of musical experience in all kinds of bands and individual creativity created a brutal mix of sludge, rock and metal........KOMATSU is born! 

The band released a self-titled EP in 2011. After that, they focused on live shows and writing material for their first full length album. "Manu Armata" saw the daylights in February of 2013 and was instantly well received by the international press. It got raving reviews and Komatsu’s music style was compared to bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Torche, Mastodon, Monster Magnet and Karma to Burn.

Over the past five years they have steadily grown and were asked to be the support act for internationally well-known bands like Truckfighters (SWE), Lonely Kamel (NO) and a range of bands from the USA such as Karma to Burn, The Sword, Red Fang, Clutch, Nashville Pussy, High on Fire, Corrosion of Conformity and Baroness. They also performed at the official Queens of the Stone Age after party in the Effenaar in Eindhoven. In 2014 they went on European tour with none other than John Garcia (Vista Chino, ex-Kyuss, Hermano, Unida and Slo Burn) and played 32 shows in 13 countries.

In November 2015 Komatsu is on the verge of crossing and conquering Europe again with another Palm Desert Scene stoner hero: a tour with Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator!

September 23th 2016 Komatu shall release their new studio album "Recipe For Murder One". This album is released by Argonauta Records (CD) and Lighttown Fidelity (vinyl). 11 hard pounding songs with a guest appearance of Nick Oliveri (ex-Kyuss and QOTSA, Mondo Generator).


"On ’Manu Armata’ the Dutch collective know how to provide a sense of unease with an appropriate sound. Komatsu translate melancholy in a beautiful way!"
Aardschok (82/100 points)

"’Manu Armata’ is a very strong debut album. Komatsu should effortlessly conquer ’the Low Countries’ and as I suspect the rest of Europe and other continents will follow quickly"
Rocktribune (88/100 points)

"The singing of lead vocalist Mo Truijens takes the heavy groovy and very alternate ’Manu Armata’ to a even higher level"
Up Magazine (92/100 points)

"Anyone who calls himself a stoner adept or Roadburn disciple, should run to the store and buy ’Manu Armata’"

Lords of Metal (81/100 points: in Dutch)

"With Komatsu, another supergroup has formed and bring us the Bulldoze-Rock.
This should be the breakthrough for this quartett, which hopefully show their wide and exciting repertoire on a lot of summer-festivals or Clubs in germany in 2013. (8,5/10 points: in German)

"What sounds like the bastard child of Down and Karma To Burn, raised by grandfather Monster Magnet slaps you right in the face!"
Thundering Giant

"On ’Manu Armata’ Komatsu appears to be a rough diamond. One you should not polish. 
Let it shine roughly"  
White Room Reviews (in Dutch)

"In one resounding blow the band touches us with her debut album. This beautiful slude metal has an international style that fans of bands like Mastodon and Karma to Burn undoubtedly know what to do with" (in Dutch)

"Fortunately, the majority of the songs can hardly be linked to Monster Magnet, Kyuss or QOTSA, although Komatsu are obviously related to these bands, but they are in no way inferior"
Gonzocircus (in Dutch)

"Manu Armata is an action packed album of sublime Sludge/Stoner Rock riffs and showcases why Komatsu are on the forefront of Dutch Stoner Rock. Manu Armata is a triumph on all levels and an album that will be featuring on many best of 2013 lists including mine"

"Komatsu flourishes on it’s debut, and closes with apparant ease to the top of the Dutch rock scene".
Rockportaal (in Dutch) 


"On their first release is a self-titled EP full of stoner grandeur. It’s a massive steamroller that assaults without a moment hesitation. And with a song like Hail To The King with it’s infectious rhythm and chorus it is impossible not to be smothered by this beast...Here’s to Komatsu and their aim for greatness!"

"This is one of the best Sludge/Stoner Metal EP’s I have heard this year. I can’t rate this release highly enough. KOMATSU have launched a statement that a superb band have now arrived and are here to stay. Quite simply a brilliant and truly original release that everyone should be checking out now. I think I have just found my new fave band."



"Eindhoven has got a new rock sensation and therefore deserves the titel Rockcity!
A Komatsu show crushes anyone, anywhere"

"A roller that moves between the stoner doom of High on Fire or the most affordable sludge of Mastodon and Kylesa. Excellent lysergic trip". 
Goetia media (ES)


"Gig-wise, the band delivers a strong performance and prove to be mastering their art – shout out to their heavy-as-fuck bassist, who is lots of fun to watch and whose enthusiasm is contagious".
Heavy chronicles (FRA)

"Live these men and this woman are relentless and bring even more sludge to you then they put on their record allready.
Have hou ever been blow away by an opening-act?
Well, ten this was your first time!"
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