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01•JUN•2022 Heavy Psych Sounds Fests


A great weekend with 2 Heavy Psych Sounds Festivals in Switzerland and Austria.
On Friday June 3th Komatsu will play at Gaswerk, Wintherthur (SUI) together with bands as Mondo Generator, High on Fire, Elder, Black Rainbows and many more. Showtime Komatsu at 19:40h at Saal stage

On Saturday June 4th Komatsu will play at Rockhouse Bar, Salzburg (AUS) together with bands als Mondo Generator, Duel, Ecstatic Vision, Tons, 1782 and many more.
Showtime Komatsu at 21:00 h. More info about the events here

21•APR•2022 Busy weekend

We’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us, with 3 shows in 1 weekend:

Friday (22.4) we play at Willemeen, Arnhem (NL) together with Desert Storm (UK) and An Evening with Knives (NL). Tickets are 10 euro in pre-sale and 12 euro at the door.
Showtime Komatsu at 22:30h.
More info about this show here.  

Saturday (23.4) we play at Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden (NL) together with Bongzilla (US). 
Tickets are 18,50 euro in pre-sale and 20,50 euro at the door.
Showtime Komatsu at 20:00h
More info about this show here.

Sunday (24.4) we play at Bolwerk, Sneek (NL) together with three bands from Heavy Psych Sounds:
Bongzilla (US), Acid Mammoth (Gre) and 1782 (IT).
Tickets are 20,00 euro in pre-sale and 22,50 euro at the door.
Showtime Komatsu 16.55h.
More info about this show here

21•APR•2022 Harlequin Fest, Rotterdam (NL)

Komatsu has been added to the line-up of Harlequin Fest, Rotterdam (NL).
A festival with Green Lizard & Rudeboy, Kid Harlequin, Splinter and Firehorse.
More info about this festival here or on Facebook

07•APR•2022 Rose of Jericho European Tour

 SOZ Concerts is bringing KomatsU
 back to Europe in Nov/Dec 2022. 

 If you want to see Komatsu play your
 city, please contact:

27•SEP•2021 Desertfest Belgium

  We will play Desertfest Antwerp at Saturday
  October 16th 2021 at the Canyon Stage
  (15:35h - 16:15h).
  More info about the festival and tickets here.

 That same day we shall play at Muziekcafe
 Helmond, together with our Belgian homies
 King Hiss. More info here

21•SEP•2021 West Stoner Sessions (F)

 When things are a bit complicated
 in the Netherlands because of the
 Covid-restrictions.... Komatsu
 likes to drive to France to play the
 West Stoner Sessions for the third

 October 9th 2021 Komatsu will play at Le Michelet, Nantes with
 Dirt Circle, Walnut Grove DC &
 Deadly Vipers.
4 bands for 10 euros. Tickets & more info here.   

08•APR•2021 Release party SOLD OUT

Thanks for the massive support and see y’all there. 
For those of you that don’t have tickets.... keep a close eye on the event and Effenaar website for tickets that may be come available.

Within a few hours our release party at Effenaar is SOLD OUT!

Thanks for the massive support and see y’all there. 
For those of you that don’t have tickets.... keep a close eye on the event and Effenaar website for tickets that may be come available.

07•APR•2021 Album release party

 Our album release party at Effenaar, Eindhoven
 is removed to April 25th 2021, as part of series
 of national test events. All participants must be
 tested in advance.

 Get your tickets here quickly,
 because they are limited!
 More info about the event here.
 More info about the test here

15•MAR•2021 New album on Bandcamp

 You can order the brand new album "Rose Of Jericho" directly from
 Komatsu on vinyl, CD & digital at our Bandcamp page.
 We have the flavours:
 - Ultra limited transparant vinyl splatter green/purple (25 euro)
 - Limited purple vinyl (21 euro)
 - Black vinyl (16,50 euro) and  CD (12,50 euro)

06•MAR•2021 Interview Confined Rock

You can read an interview with our bass player Martijn at Confined Rock. Martijn is talking about the band(members), the new album, touring (which item you can not miss), composing his favorite band(s) and more. Read the full review (in Spanish) here
On this website you can also find a review of ’Rose Of Jericcho. Read the full review here

05•MAR•2021 Review Lust for Life Magazine

In Lust FOr Life Magazine 108 you can read the review of our album "Rose Of Jericho" ".
The album got 4 out of 5 stars (review in Dutch):

"Grotendeels live opgenomen in Studio Iglesias onder leiding van ex-Peter Pan Speedrock frontman Peter van Elderen en geremasterd door Pieter Kloos ijn zijn the Void Studio. Daarmee tikken de mannen van het Eindhovense Komatsu met hun nieuwe plaat Rose Of Jericho meteen twee van de belangrijkste namen van de Rockcity-sound aan. Met de eerste drie albums toerden ze de hele wereld rond en kreeg hun machinale stonermetal lof alom. Ze deelden met alle grote namen uit de stoner-scene de bühne en daarom lijken de mannen bedacht te hebben de grenzen nu eens muzikaal te gaan verleggen. Want op Rose Of Jericho hoor je veel meer atmosfeer en wordt de dreiging van eerdere platen veelal ingeruild voor een desolaat en wijds gevoel. Bij het titelnummer kun je zelfs echo’s van Morricone ontwaren. Zo’n Westernthema komt in enkele andere nummers terug, zoals bijvoorbeeld in het prachtige Blood Moon. Zo heeft het malende, gruizige geluid veel meer melodie gekregen en wordt het niet meer alleen voortgestuwd door machtige riffs. Doch, vrees niet, die zijn er ook nog volop. Sterk werk!" (René van Duijnhoven)

15•FEB•2021 Album of the week

"Rose Of Jericho" is album of the week at Rockmuzine (NL) and La Habitacion235 (ESP). 

"Rose Of Jericho is another step in the development of Komatsu. The band knows how te broaden it’s horizon without sacrificing impact and strenght" (80/100)
Read the full review (in Dutch) here.

"Rose Of Jericho" begins a new stage in Komatsu’s career. They shall reach a lot of new minds"
Read the full review (in Spanish) here.

More reviews and points:

Our album got 10/10 points from Anfetamina & Rock (ESP) and 83/100 points from Zware Metalen (NL).

"Wow, what a record! It’s their best and most complete album"
Read the full review (in Dutch) here.

Also 14/15 points from the German website My revelations:
"The band opens a new melodic chapter, without losing the heavy progressive side. You can feel the bursting self-confidence all the time on the band’s most complete album"
Read the full review (in German) here.

21•JAN•2021 Album teaser

Lotte Voorhoeve made an album teaser for y’all! 

20•JAN•2021 Album release party

The album release party of "Rose Of Jericho" is postponed from March 20st 2021 to June 12th 2021 at the Effenaar. It will be a Corona-proof and seated show in the main hall. 
Purchased tickets remain valid. Of course you can buy our album on CD or vinyl at the release party. Warning: Don’t hesitate to buy your tickets now! 
You can order tickets here

06•JAN•2021 Nomination Gitarist magazine

For the third year in a row, both our guitar players are nominated by magazine Gitarist for best metal guitarist Benelux. You can vote on Mathijs Bodt and Maurice Truijens for best metal guitarist Benelux 2020 here

13•NOV•2020 Interview Brazilian magazine

Our drummer Jos spoke with our Brazilian friends from the magazine Rarozine. They talked about our upcoming new album, our Brazilian tours, Covid and more.
You can read the interview here

22•OCT•2020 Start pre-sale "Rose of Jericho"

  Our brand new album is called "Rose Of Jericho".
  The release will see the light February 5th via
  Heavy Psych Records (ITA).

  Today Doomed & Stoned is premiering the first single, called
  ’Stare into the dawn’. Listen to the track here
  Here you can presale the album

  Komatsu’s powers of mass construction resurrected a rare desert flower
  in their fourth album. Light meets heavy and desolation meets beauty
  in the 9 powerful songs that make up this album. 

  "Rose of Jericho" combines a lyrical depth that resonates the current (political) rabbitholes
  with dark, groovy, warm riffs supporting rugged vocals. The sound of the album is a real
 mixture between stoner and metal, but with melodic and choral vocal lines.
 Change of tempo and rhythm, make the listener glue to the speakers until the end.
 "Rose of Jericho"will burn the ears of the beholder! 

15•OCT•2020 Signing Heavy Psych Sounds

  Early 2021 we shall release a brand new studio album. We have recorded 9
  songs just before the Covid pandemic. We are happy and proud to
  announce that  we have signed at the warm family of Heavy Psych Sounds.
  The pre-sales will start 22nd October 2020 and more info about the
  album will follow soon! 

15•OCT•2019 European Tour 2019

23•SEP•2019 Baroeg Open Air

 We had a blast at Baroeg Open Air, Rotterdam.
 The first time we created a circlepit with
 scootmobile! Always fun to read the reviews
 and watch the pics:
 Here you can read the review by
 White Room Reviews (in Dutch) and here the one
 from Zware Metalen (in Dutch).
 You can see some pics from Pitkings here and from Festivalinfo here. A lot of pics you can find on the Facebook-page of the festival, link here. On our own Facebook page we made a selection, here. You can watch the video of the circlepit here as well. 

29•JUL•2019 Upcoming European Tour

 Komatsu will embark into Europe again! 
 Under the moniker "The return of the
 Mothersludgers", the band will do their 6th
 European run.
 Komatsu is available from November 1st until
 November 17th 2019. 


 For bookings or info, please contact us at:

13•JUN•2019 New video

Here it is, our new video ’Komatsu’.
The song is from our latest album "A new horizon" (buy it here).
The video is shot in May 2019 at the Blue Collar Hotel in our hometown Eindhoven. 
The video is made by De Neve Media. 
Thanks to all the crazy people that showed up and partied with us! 

04•APR•2019 Fortarock 2019

  We’ve been added to the sexy line-up
  of Fortarock 2019.
  A great international line-up with
  bands as Amon Amarth, Behemoth,
  Cult of Luna, Enslaved,
  Uncle acid & the deadbeats and
  many more.
  But also with some cool bands from
  Holland as Monomyth, Temple Fang
  and Ploegendienst. 

  Komatsu will play at Sunday June 2nd
  Get your tickets here

20•FEB•2019 Heavy Psych Sounds Fest, Deventer (NL)

  We had a blast last weekend at de Neushoorn,
  Leeuwarden (NL). 3voor12 Friesland wrote a
  positive review:
  "Komatsu steals the show with their massive
  sludge/stoner". You can read the review (in Dutch)

  This weekend we play at the Heavy Psych Sound Fest,
  Burgerweeshuis, Deventer (NL). A great international
  line-up on Sunday February 24th 2019 with BLack Rainbows (ITA),
  Giobia (ITA), Drive By Wire (NL), the Sonic Dawn (DEN),       
  Deadsmoke (ITA), Kamchatka (SWE). 
  You can buy your tickets here.

  Drive by Wire (cafe) 15:00-15:45h
  Dead Smoke (main)  15:45-16:30h
  Kamchatka (cafe) 16:15-17:15h
  Giobia (main) 17:00:17:50h
  The Sonic Dawn (cafe) 17:50-18:45h
  KOMATSU (main) 18:30-19:30h
  Black Rainbows (main) 20:00-21:00h

04•DEC•2018 Nomination artist of the year

Komatsu has been nominated for Electric Music Magazine Artist of the Year. 
The winner is known as the best artist that has appeared on the magazine in 2018.
Fans can vote and the voting closes on the 28th of December.
If you feel that Komatsu deserves to win this award, please give us your vote and spread the word. You can vote here 

04•DEC•2018 Qurated by Dikke Dennis

What does Dikke Dennis listen too?
What does he think is cool?
Which band should you have seen according to Dikke Dennis?
Under the name ’Qurated by’ a well-known Dutch band, label or celebrity is askes to put together their own party in the basement of Q-Factory, Amsterdam (NL). This last edition to finish the year with a bang will be taken care of by none onther than Dikke Dennis. On December 8th 2018 you will see Komatsu live and Dikke Dennis will be behind the turntable!
More info here and get your tickets here.
Here and here you can watch some promo video’s by Dikke Dennis and Komatsu.

23•OCT•2018 Album release party



November 9th 2018 we shall release our new album called ’A new horizon’ at  Blue Collar hotel, Eindhoven. Non other than Souldust will support us during this great party. The release-party will be also the start of our European promo-tour. Untill December 4th we will play in countries as Netherlands, Belgium, Suisse, Italy, Spain, Portugal and UK, promoting ’A new horizon’. More info about our European tour here

You can pre-order tickets (7,50 euro) here or you can buy tickets at the door (10 euro).
More info about the event here 

Of course you can buy the album on vinyl and cd on this party. 
If you can’t make it, you can order one at our webstore

07•SEP•2018 Official release ’A new horizon’

Today it’s the day.....we’ve cut the ribbon and released the beast!

Get your’s at our store

04•SEP•2018 First reviews new album

Although our new record ’A new horizon’ shall be released September 7th 2018, the first reviews are coming in. Here we give you a fleeting overview:

*****Aardschok Magazine (85/100 points)**************************************************
"The sound is top-heavy and sweltering. It’s evident that the band has made a deeper development. The compositions are more refined and better crystalized".

*****Lust for Life Magazine (4/5 stars)*****************************************************
"10 songs drag you into the Komatsu universe. There is no escaping.
’A new Horizon’ will crush every metal lover!"

***** (8/10 points)******************************************************
"Komatsu’s ’A new horizon’ is an album that deserves to be played loud and often (without any distraction!) and should be considered one of the finest stoner/sludge releases of 2018!"

***** (3/5 stars)*************************************************************
"The hottest Dutch stoner band of this moment is five years after the debut still comfortably in the seat. The many heavy, languid sludge-elements with fine creepy leads and somethimes light stoner rock will effortlessly sustain Komatu’s sole domination in the coming period"

"A new horizon is a whirlwind, a road tripp on Route 66 or a hunted animal, but it’s especially delicious stoner/sludge music!"

*****Outlaws of the Sun********************************************************************
"This is the best album that Komatsu have released yet. A new horizon is a must-have album and Komatsu deserve all the plaudits and praise hopefully coming their way!"

"For once I have nothing to complain about. If we could award points (which we would not do), Komatsu would get the full score from me because they absolutely blew me away with their personal stoner rock"

03•SEP•2018 Komatsu at Festyland

Komatsu is added to the line-up of Festyland, Volkel (NL). This cool festival is the official end of the festival season in Holland. A short list of bands that will play Festyland 2018: Golden Earring, Miss Montreal, the Dirty Daddies, Navarone, Mooon and many many more. 
Komatsu will play at Rosso Rocco on saturday October 13th 2018. 
Here you can find the complete line-up and here you can buy tickets.

20•AUG•2018 Upcoming Brazilian tour

After their last and succesfull tour in 2017, Komatsu is coming back to Brasil in september 2018!  The band will play 10 shows to promote their upcoming new album, called ’A New Horizon’ (release: september 7th). The tour will start at september 12th at Bauru and ends at september 23th at Sorocaba. Komatsu is looking forward to meet all their Brasilian friends!  Brasil......think massive!


01•AUG•2018 Video premiere A new horizon

Check out the new video of the super massive mothersludgers, called ’A new horizon’, here.


The band about this:
"For ’A new horizon’ we wanted a clip that tells the story of the lyrics in a sci-fi setting. The song has a revolutionary feel. People free themselves from rules and laws and leave the madness behind on earth in search of a new world and a new horizon. The clip is made by Joost Nevels and we think he did an excellent job!"

14•MAY•2018 Nirwana Tuinfeest 2018

Komatsu plays Nirwana Tuinfeest 2018!


At 10/11/12th AUgust 2018 a great international line-up will visit the lovely Lierop.

At friday 10th August Komatsu will hit the stage together with bands as Vintage Trouble (USA),

Triggerfinger (BEL), Electric Eel Shock (JAP) and many more...

More info about this festival here and about the event here.



31•JAN•2018 3 shows in France

  This weekend Komatsu will play three shows in France.

  Thursday February 1st 2018 Komatsu plays at Le P’tit
  Minou, Brest. Together with The Midnight Ghost Train
  (USA). Showtime Komatsu at 20:30h.
  More info about this show here.

  Friday February 2nd 2018 Komatsu plays at the West
  Stoner Sesions, Nantes. At the second day of this cool
  stoner festival the following acts will play:
  Crackhouse (20h), Komatsu (21h), Wild World (22h) and
  The Midnight Ghost Train (23h).
  More info about this festival here.

  Saturday February 3rd 2018 Komatsu will play (+ guest)
  at Le Galion, Lorient. Komatsu played here during the
  European tour with John Garcia in 2014.
  More info about this show here.

  We hope to see all our French friends at the shows!

21•DEC•2017 Komatsu plays Eurosonic-Noorderslag (ESNS)

  Komatsu is happy to announce that we are confirmed
  for the official Eurosonic showcase Festival (ESNS)!

  Thursday january 18th 2018 Komatsu will play at
  19h at Benzinebar, Groningen (Hoekstraat 44).
  More info here

20•DEC•2017 Komatsu supports Karma to Burn (USA)

  Komatsu starts 2018 supporting Karma to Burn (USA) twice!
  At friday January 5th Karma to Burn and Komatsu will play at
  Burgerweeshuis, Deventer (NL). Showtime Komats at 20:30 h
  so be on time! More info about the event here.

  At saturday January 6th both bands will play at Poppodium Volt,
  Sittard. Showtime Komatsu at 21h. More info about the event

  Come and get all these riffs riffs riffs riffs!  

13•OCT•2017 Komatsu plays Helldorado festival

 Komatsu plays the brand new Helldorado Festival 2017.
 On the 18th of november, the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven (NL)
 will present Hellorado: a brand new heavy rock event
 combined with an awesome side show and packed with
 crazy, sexy, strange and bizar entertainment.
 For Komatsu a special event because they will meet a lot of bands that
 they supported during the last years.
 Be prepared for a sick line-up:
 Triggerfinger, the Darkness, Red Fang, Nashville Pussy, Orange Goblin,
 Imperial State Electric, Lords of Altamont, Fifty Foot Combo, Duel,
 Monomyth and many many more.

 Don’t miss this first edition. More info and tickets here.

23•SEP•2017 Kyuss quartet!

   In 2011 Komatsu played at the official afterparty of
   Queens of the Stone Age
: check: Josh Homme

   In 2014 Komatsu toured with John Garcia: check: 
John García
   In 2015 Komatsu toured with Mondo Generator

  (and of course you can hear Nick on their latest album): check: Nick Oliveri

In 2017 Komatsu is happy and proud to complete their "Kyuss quartet":

The band will support Brant Bjork on October 5th at Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL).

Who’s coming? More info here.

21•SEP•2017 Interview with Mo

Mo is interviewed by Eindhoven Rockcity. He talks about his hometown Eindhoven, with her cool spots, good rock ’n roll bands and more (in Dutch). You can read the full interview here.

21•SEP•2017 Live at studio Locomotiva (BRA)

During their latest Brazilian tour Komatsu visited studio Locomotiva. A cool place with great people. Komatsu played a few songs and here you can see and listen "So how’s about Billy".

17•JUL•2017 Minirok, Stamproy (NL)

  This saturday Komatsu will play at one of the cosiest festivals
  of Limburg (NL). A good line-up with St. Tropez, The grand
  east and more. Showtime Komatsu at the main stage
  at 21:50h. More info here.
  You can see some cool live footage from Komatsu at Minirok here.

01•JUN•2017 Great South-American tour!

  We had an unforgettable Brazilian tour.
  From the bottom of our hearts we’d like
  thank Neri for taking such good care of us.
  Big ups for the best driver in Brazil: Assis.
  Thanks Eddy for your help, support, laughs and

  hilarious Dutch words (wanne kutzooi!).

  Komatsu is gratefull for all the love and support
  we received during our time in Brazil and happy
  with the new friends we made.
  We’d like to come back for sure!


you can see some pics of our show at Red Fuzztival, Londrina (by Isqueiros Paracem Estrelas) and here you can  read a review (in Portugese) of the Into the Void Fest, Curitiba (by Artemis Rock News). Here you can see some footage of our visit at the great Studio Tenda, Curitiba.

22•APR•2017 Paaspop 2017

  Komatsu had a blast at Paaspop 2017!
  Thanks to all who came to see and support us.
  A packed Thunderbolt looked pretty sexy from
  stage! Rockmuzine liked our show as you can

  read in their review here. Dutch daily newspaper
  de Volkrant
picked 6 promising act out of the
  total Paaspop line-up, including Komatu. You can

  read the article (in Dutch) here. To look back at the Paaspop-friday, we have a cool video for ya here. Seek and find Komatsu between acts like UB40, Parkway Drive and many more.

28•MAR•2017 Komatsu in Aardschok Magazine

  We’re in this months issue of Aardschok magazine!
  Run to the store and read the full interview (in Dutch) at page 72.

27•MAR•2017 Heavy Metal detector project

  Eindhoven is the place to be for underground music and you can
  find a lot in this town. During the STRP festival you can search
  for ’heavy metal’ with a detector. On Strijp-S you can search
  without annoying bleeps, but with real heavy metal music!

The metal you can find in Eindhoven: Komatsu, Facelifter, Shadowrise,
Throw Me In The Crater
, Sisters of Suffocation and White Boy Wasted.

This cool project is made by Steve Maher. He is a Irish artist (and more) that launched this project in Finland. Now you can find metal in our hometown, so......come and search for Komatsu!! More info here

26•MAR•2017 First South-American tour

  Komatsu is still pretty fresh off having wrapped our
  European tour with the Freeks just over a week ago,
  but is nonetheless wasting no time in announcing
  our next run: This one require a bit more travel as
  it will takes us to Brasil for the first time!
  We go supporting our 2016 Argonauta Records
  sophomore album "Recipe for murder one".
  Our first South-American tour will takes us
  to Piracicaba (12th May, SP), Londrina (13th May, PR),
  Guarapuava (14th May, PR), Joinville (17th May, SC),
  Florianopolis (18th May, SC), Curitaba (19th May, PR),

  Sao Paolo (20th May, SP) and Rio Claro (21th May, SP). 

  This tour is made possible by Mamute Productions and
  Orleone Records. Stay tuned for more info and details!

22•MAR•2017 Great tour with the Freeks (USA)

  After a few days back in Holland we are still recovering from
  the great European tour we did with the Freeks. What a
  fantastic ride that was with our American tour buddies

  and so much new friends we made! Full of pride and
  satisfaction we look back at our shows and experiences.

  Special thanks to Gabriele Fiori (Heavy Psych Sounds)

  for making this tour possible and Sven Hompes for helping
 us out. Big ups for all the bookers, promoters and especially all the folks who visited our shows and bought our merch! On our Facebook page you can find some photo’s.
Here you can see some live photos.

28•FEB•2017 Surfing on a landslide (Official Music Video)

Komatsu keeps on moving and working. Shortly after the release of
"Recipe for murder one" we give you a brand new song: "Surfing on a landsllide".
The video is a self made video, shot during a rehearsal. You can hear this
new track live during our next European tour. If you miss us there, you
have to wait ’till the release of our next studio album!

27•FEB•2017 Start European tour with The Freeks

  Tomorrow our next European tour starts, this time with the Freeks
  (USA). The Freeks is a band with (founding) members of Fu
  Manchu, Nebula and Backbiter. Both bands will play 20 shows in
  Italy, Suisse, Austria, Germany and France.
  The tour starts 28th February in Rome (ITA) and ends
  19th March in Munster (GER).
  A few dates and venues have changed after the poster is printed,
  so please look at this page at "tour" for the correct dates and venues.
  Komatsu is looking forward to the tour and is ready to visit some familiar places
  Come and check out both bands and support us!

01•FEB•2017 The long way home (Official Music Video)

So.... here it is............ the official music video of ’The long way home’.
The footage is shot during our European tour with Duel (USA),
including our shows at Desertfest Belgium and Into the Void festival, Leeuwarden.
Of course Komatsu is curious about your opinion, please leave a comment
on Youtube, Facebook etc. and if you like it.... share it!

14•DEC•2016 Komatsu is playing Paaspop 2017

  Today Paaspop added 15 bands/acts to their
  line-up, including Komatsu.
  In Holland, Paaspop is considered as the start
  of the new festival season.
  Paaspop is an annual music and performing
  arts festival, taking place from the 14th
  till the 16th april 2017.

  Komatsu will play at the Thunderbolt
  More details will follow.

13•DEC•2016 ’Lockdown’ selected for Song of the year 2016

Our song ’Lockdown’ (ft Nick Oliveri) is selected as song of the year along with other great bands/songs from Eindhoven by 3voor12/Eindhoven. Today, you can listen tot the entire list via Eindhoven Rockcity and Glow FM.

01•DEC•2016 Komatsu on album Nick Oliveri

  Komatsu is excited to announce that our song ’Lockdown’
  is on Nick Oliveri’s compilation album "N.O. hits at all,
  volume 1".

  This is what Nick has to say about the compilation albums:
  "This record is the VOLUME ONE of a series of compilations
  in which I recorded the vocals. Bands that I like and bands
  that like mysinging voice enough to have asked me to
  “guest vocal” on a song for their records. Some of these
  have been released and some have not until now.

I have sang and/or recorded bass on 50+ releases of bands

The album shall be released by Heavy Psych Sounds Records&Booking at January 27th 2017 (presale starts December 16th 2016). The album is available at limited transparant red vinyl and black vinyl (and on CD)

17•NOV•2016 European tour coming up with the Freeks (USA)

  Komatsu is delighted to announce that we will support
  The Freeks (USA) during their European Tour in 2017.
  The Freeks (with members of Fu Manchu, Nebula and
  Backbiter) have just released a new album called ’Shattered’.
  The tour will cross countries as Italy, Germany, France,
  Switzerland and Austria and will take place from
  28.02.2017 till 20.03.2017.
  The tour is presented by Heavy Psych Sounds.

  More details will follow soon, so stay tuned!

16•NOV•2016 Riotfest 2016

  This thursday (november 17th 2016) Komatsu will play Riotfest 2016.
  At Kavka, Antwerpen (BEL) 6 great bands will show up (start 18h).
  Bands as the Machine, Psychonaut, Hedonist (they will replace King for
  a day), Ivory for Elephants and Casual Riot.
  Showtime Komatsu at 22:00h. You can buy your tickets in pre-sale
  for 10 euro and at the door for 12 euro.

  More info here.

02•NOV•2016 Komatsu supports Dutch tour Orange Goblin

  Komatsu will support Orange Goblin
  during their short Dutch tour. 3 shows
  on 3 days:
  09/02 Gebroeders de Nobel. Leiden
  10/02 Dynamo, Eindhoven
  11/02 Vera, Groningen


06•OCT•2016 Komatsu on Rockcity tribute to Peter Pan Speedrock

  Finally we can reveil what we’ve been keeping under
  the radar for months now:
  As a farewell present from the Eindhoven Rockcity scène to
  Peter Pan Speedrock we present you "Houdoe en Bedankt".
  Ten PPSR covers by ten different bands from Eindhoven,
  including Candybar Planet, Stuurbaard Bakkebaard, Heretic,
  Tigre Blanco, An Evening With Knives, Woody, The Spades
  and Ronnie and Donnie (Feat. Honey) and Komatsu.
  Komatsu contributes the cover of "Megasdetitas".

  This is going to be a limited edition of 300 copies.
 Only for sale online in the webshop of Lighttown Fidelity and at the final
 two PPSR shows at de Effenaar next month.
28•SEP•2016 Reviews album release party

  Komatsu had a blast at their album release show at Blue
  Collar Hotel last friday. The band would like to thank
  everyone who was there last and everyone who has
  contributed in any way to this great party.

  A few webzines came by at our release show and enjoyed
  themselves, as you can read in the positive reviews:

 You can read the review of Eindhoven Rockcity (in Dutch) here.
 Rockmuzine (in Dutch) rewarded our new album with 8,5/10 points
 and liked our release show as well. You can read their review here.
The review that Never Mind the Hype wrote (in Dutch), you can read here.

20•SEP•2016 Album release show


  Next friday (23/9) Komatsu will release their new album
  at Blue Collar Hotel, Eindhoven (NL).
  Here you can order pre-sale tickets for 7,50 euro and tickets
  at the door are 10 euro. Support acts are Grimmsons (BE)
  and Ottoboy. DJ Hogwash will play some brutal records.
  This evening you can buy the new merchandise and
  of course the album on CD (15 euro) and vinyl
  (black 20 euro, coloured 22 euro).



16•SEP•2016 First reviews "Recipe For Murder One"

  Our new album "Recipe For Murder One" will be
  released at September 23th 2016 at Blue Collar
  Hotel, Eindhoven (NL). The first reviews are

  Hardrock magazine Aardschok rates the album
  with 85/100 points and says:
  "Although Komatsu still operates in the grey
  area between bands as Clutch, The Melvins and

  QOTSA, on this album they show more character. This is an essential
album for every Roadburn-adept" Here you can read the full review (in Dutch).


Pitking rate the album with 5 stars and 92/100 points and says:
"They created an excellent blend of psychedelic guitars, pumping riffs and raw vocals. Stoner, groove and doom metal is being pumped into your ears just like it should be. Komatsu made a killer album of ‘Recipe For Murder On’, with a perfect American dirty recording sound". Here you can read the full review (in English).

White Room Reviews is very positive and says:

"The Italian label Argonauta Records and the Dutch label Lighttown Fidelity made a golden move releasing this album. Komatsu is the musical equivalent of the bulldosers. Robust in character, but with sophisticated technique". Here you can read the full review (in Dutch).

Eindhoven Rockcity rate the album with 85/100 points and says:
"The four shows like no other that roaring pounding, subtle songwriting and melodic riffs can go hand in hand, without losing their own sound. The records sounds very Komatsu, keep it like that!". Here you can read the full review (in Dutch).

06•SEP•2016 Komatsu at Desertfest Belgium

  We just got confirmed for Desertfest Antwerp (BEL).
  Check out the poster fo this awesome line-up
  and we hope to see y’all there.

  During the European Tour with Duel, both bands will
  play sunday, October 16th at Desertfest Belgium.

  More info here

05•SEP•2016 European Tour with Duel (USA)

  Another great European Tour is coming up for Komatsu.
  This time with Duel (USA, Texas).
  The tour starts at October 11th in Italy and ends October
  29th in Italy. During the tour Komatsu is
  playing at Into the Void Festival, Leeuwarden (NL)
  at October 22nd. Duel and Komatsu are playing also
  at Desertfest, Antwerp (BEL) at October 16th
  and Heavy Psych Sounds 3 Festival, Parma (ITA) at
  October 29th.
  Come and see us...somewhere!!

  This tour is made possible by
  Heavy Psych Sounds Records & Booking
  and SOZ Concerts.

  See tour for the full tour scedule.

14•JUN•2016 Argonauta Records

  Komatsu is excited to announce that they are
  signed  by the Italian worldwide label
  Argonauta Records

  The album ’Recipe for murder one’ will be
  released by Argonauta Records at
  September 23th 2016 in CD/DD formats.
  The vinyl edition will be released by
  Lighttown Fidelity.

  More info about the album and an upcoming
  European Tour soon!

  Here and here and here you can pre-order
  our new album on CD at Argonauta Records. 

11•MAY•2016 Mini-tour Germany and Austria

 Next weekend Komatsu is heading to Germany and Austria to
 play 3 shows.  The first one is on Thursday May 12th at Glori’s
, Michaelstadt (GER). Showtime Komatsu = 21:00h.


 The second show will be at Friday May 13th at Viper Room,
 Vienna (AUT). Komatsu played at this lovely venue during
 their European tours with John Garcia and Mondo Generator. Viper Room is celebrating their 9 years existence with 4 bands: Gorilla Monsoon (GER), Kielkropf (AUT), Komatsu (HOL) and Bronco (CH). We hope to see some familiar faces here. More info 

The third and last show of the weekend is on saturday May 14th at Kulturcafé Schlachthaus, Dornbirn (AUT). Together with Bronco and I say Daylight. More info

29•APR•2016 So hows about Billy? (Official Music Video)


So.... here it is............ the official music video of ’So hows about Billy?’
Enjoy! Of course Komatsu is curious about your opinion,
please leave a comment on Youtube, Facebook etc. and if you like it.... share it! 

21•APR•2016 Into the Void festival

 We are happy to announce that we play
 @ Into The Void Festival, Leeuwarden (Neushoorn, NL)
 at 21 & 22  october 2016.

 A great and friendly festival in the north of Holland with
 an awesome (international) line-up with bands as
 Orange Goblin (UK), Elder (USA), Cough (USA),
 Monolord (SWE), Conan (UK), Monomyth (NL),
 Tangled Horns (BEL), Lonely Kamel (NO) and more.
 Komatsu will play at saturday october 22th 2016. 

 More info and tickets here

15•APR•2016 Teaser new video

For the impatient among you....... here is the official teaser for the video of
’So hows about Billy?’. The teaser is made by Studio van Origine.

Spread the word and stay tuned!

11•APR•2016 3 from 1: Record Store Day

 Next saturday it is Record Store Day 2016.
 Of course Komatsu will participate and they will do two in-stores
 to release and promote their brand new single ’So hows about

 The first in-store will be at 18:00h at the Record Hustler, Den Bosch  (Hinthamereinde 33).

 The second in-store will be at 19:10h at Ray Elpee (Tuchthuis)  Eindhoven (Statumseind 28)

 At 23:00h Komatsu will play a full set at Stockrock night Edition,  Schaijk.

 You can buy the single ’So hows about Billy?’ at all the three locations  (price: 7 euro) .
 If you want to let your single be signed by Komatsu,  just visit one of the events! 

02•APR•2016 New single


In two weeks time were joining the annual record release mayhem called Record Store Day Netherlands and Komatsu shall release a new single called "So, how’s about Billy?". 

The single has 2 brand new tracks for the forthcoming full lenght studio album "Recipe for murder one" that will be out later this year. It is a limited edition release on two different colors of vinyl, , limited to 125 copies of each colour. Pre-order them now or look for them in your favourite record store on April 16. The single is released by Lighttown Fidelity and you can order the items here. Of course you can buy them at one of our live shows!
First come, first served!

17•MAR•2016 Weekend Switserland

At the end of March Komatsu is heading for Switserland for two shows. Thursday March 24th Komatsu will play at Gaswerk, Wintherthur, together with Stonebride (HR) and Bronco (CH).

The day after the band will play at Rümpeltrüm, St. Gallen. So two chances for you Swiss to catch up with us.

Who’s there? 

07•FEB•2016 R.I.P. Jelle Tommeleyn

 Jelle Tommeleyn (24y), the drummer that did the  whole Garcia tour in 2014 with Komatsu, died last  night of his injuries after a collission. 

 Komatsu had a great time with Jelle on tour and
 is gratefull that we could play 32 shows with such a
 talented drummmer. We remember his as a warm 
 and funny guy.

 Our sympathy and condoleances go out to Melanie,  his parents/family, bandmembers and  friends.  
 Rest in peace sweet Jelle! 

02•FEB•2016 New song Komatsu on free sampler "Nederfuzz"

 The latest issue of Belgian rock/metal magazine Rock Tribune
 comes with a free cd called "Nederfuzz" Some of the coolest Dutch
 stoner bands of the moment. Komatsu is on it with a brand new
 track from the upcoming album "Recipe for murder one" called
 ’Scavenger’.  Other bands that are on the fee sampler are Candybar
 Planet,  Monomyth  and Pendejo!

 Run to your local newsstand to get that magazine (and cd)  and see who’s standing with a big photo accompanying the article about the Dutch stoner scene!.

15•JAN•2016 Benefit show for Komatsu

 A day after the benefit show that SeQuoYah held, Lighttown
 managed to bring together some big names from the
 Eindhoven Rockcity scene. In café Altstadt Heretic, An Evening With
 Knives, Radar Men From The Moon, Peter Pan Speedrock and
 Candybar Planet gave support. They collected a fine amount for
 the duped Komatsu.
Of course Komatsu is very gratefull and proud to be part of such a tight  and warm scene. Thanks again to all bands, Lighttown Fidelity and all the people that came to support Komatsu! 
Here and here you can read a review and see some pics (in Dutch) 

02•JAN•2016 SeQuoYah helps out Komatsu

SeQuoyah, the former band of bass player Martijn Mansvelders,  support Komatsu on a very warm and special way: Saturday january  9th 2016 they will play at the cozy Volte. In their hometown Bergeijk  they’ll act as a "real life jukebox". People can pay to hear the song  they want or like.

Experienced as they are, SQY can draw from a stock of 30 songs. The proceeds of the evening goes to Komatsu. Thanks in advance guys for this sympathetic gesture!  
More info here.

24•DEC•2015 Manu Armata in LP top 100 Eindhovens Dagblad
  • Fortunately...still a delegate from Eindhoven Rockcity in the top 10 of the album top 100 from the regional newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad. The best albums from the south of Holland (Zuid-Oost Brabant) from 1958. With ’Manu Armata’ Komatsu is on number 10, right between albums of Doe Maar and Armand. Here you can see the top 100. 

22•DEC•2015 Teaser new studio album Komatsu

The second studio album of Komatsu is called "Recipe for murder one".
You can see who is doin’ some stuff on our record!!
Komatsu is now searching for a record label and hope to release the album as soon as possible.  

12•DEC•2015 Back home

 Komatsu is back from their European Tour 2015 with 
 Mondo Generator. The tour was rad and Komatsu would
 like to thank Nick Oliveri, Mike Pygmie, Jeff Bowman and
 Andy for a great time. Big ups for JP and Justin, without
 them this tour was not possible. 

 But next to great experiences there was a big downer: 
 In Rome Komatsu got robbed. Thieves stole their guitars.
 pedals, merchandise, laptop, camera, money and personal  stuff. Due to the help of Mondo Generator, bands and fans....  Komatsu was able to continue the tour. The band would like to thank everyone for their help, kind words and endorsements! 

Here you can read a review (in English) of the show in Dubin and here you can see an interview (in English) by Planet Mosh.  Here you can read a review (in Italian) of the show in Rome and here you can find some pics.  Here you can find pics of the show in Cambridge and here of the show in Antwerpen. Here you can find some pics of the show in Lille. On tour Mo was interviewd by Uranian Willy, you can find the interview here

Stay tuned for more pics, a tour report and some awesome news! 

17•NOV•2015 Start European Tour with Mondo Generator

 Next sunday starts our tour with Mondo Generator (USA) in
 our home country at Iduna, Drachten. Showtime = 19:45h.
 So be on time to say us goodbye! 
 During the tour we shall post photos, videos etc. on Instagram,
 Facebook and Twitter pages. So follow us there! 

 Last week we posted a contest on internet, to come up with a
 name for the doll we will taken on our tour. Thanks for all the
 entries on Facebook and Instagram. The winner is Debatsi.
 He came up, a few days before the attacks in Paris, with
 the name ’Miss Alissa’, by a song of the Eagles Of Death Metal.
 How appropriate and striking is his entry now. 

So......we name her ’Miss Alissa’, in memory of the victims and their famiies and so our thoughts (during the tour) go out to Eagles of Death Metal and White Miles. 

We hope that rock music shall overcome all! 

21•OCT•2015 Introducing......Mathijs Bodt

 So, here he is in full effect: Mathijs Bodt. 
 Mathijs is from Eindhoven Rockcity and plays bass in
 Burn the Iris. The first show with our new guitar player
 is at the start of the European Tour with Mondo Generator:

 sunday 22th November 2015 @ Iduna, Drachten (NL)

 So, come and say hi to Mathijs and wave Komatsu goodbye! 

17•OCT•2015 Stephan Quint leaves Komatsu

 As a result of a recent band-meeting our guitar  player  Stephan  Quint decided to quit Komatsu. He wishes Komatsu  all the best and  likes to thank the fans and friends of  Komatsu for their  support.
 Komatsu would like to thank Stephan for his efforts and wishes him  the best for the future. All the upcoming shows and European Tour  with Mondo Generator will not be cancelled. A farewell-show will be  announced soon so look out for that!

28•SEP•2015 European tour Mondo Generator 2015


 Komatsu is delighted to announce that they will support
 Mondo Generator (USA) during their European Tour 2015.
 The tour starts at Speedfest 2015 in their hometown
 Eindhoven. Komatsu is not playing at Speedfest but joins
 Nick Olivieri’s MG one day later at Iduna, Drachten (NL). 
 From November 22th till December 9th the bands will play
 18 shows in 10 European countries.
 See "tour" for the dates & shows and more info
 coming soon!

03•SEP•2015 Busy times for Komatsu

 Komatsu had a blast supporting Baroness (USA) last weekend at
 Dynamo, Eindhoven.
 (Pic of Joris Lindner by Anchrome  Moments) 
 We are still finishing the recordings of their second studio
 album at the Void Studios, Eindhoven.

 Besides that, our crowdfunding project has succeeded! 102%. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank everyone who joined in and helped to reach our goal. We will do our absolute best to make it a  freaking great album and a slick clip. Also we want to thank BKKC and  Voordekunst for their guidance.

Our next show will be at Hanauer Bürgerfest (GER) at 6th september 2015.
Komatsu will play at 20:15h. More info about this festival here.  

22•JUL•2015 Support Baroness

  Komatsu is happy and proud to announce that they will
  provide the support of Baroness (USA) in their hometown
  Eindhoven. At monday 24th August 2015 they will play with
  Monotheist and Baroness at Dynamo. Doors are open at
  19.15h. More info here.

  Nice detail: DJ this night is our friend Matthijs Kropff from 
  Lighttown Fidelity

20•JUL•2015 Komatsu starts crowdfunding


Komatsu start crowdfunding
To enable the recording of her new studio album and to come up with a slick accompanying video, Komatsu crowdfunding via Voordekunst starts.
Voordekunst is the platform for crowdfunding in the creative sector. A positive movement that aims to create cultural projects. Powered by the people it is ultimately intended for the ’crowd’.
The project is supported by Brabants Innovation Art & Culture (BKKC) and runs until August 27, 2015.
The link below leads to the project Komatsu and one can read why the money is needed and what she wants to do with the money.
Komatsu calling all loyal fans, friends, family and those who are sympathetic to the band to support the project and become a donor!


To enable the recording of her new studio album and to come up with a slick accompanying video, Komatsu start crowdfunding via Voordekunst.
Voordekunst is the platform for crowdfunding in the creative sector.
A positive movement that aims to create cultural projects.
Powered by the people it is ultimately intended for the ’crowd’.
The project is supported by Brabants Kenniscentrum voor Kunst & Cultuur (BKKC) and runs until August 27, 2015.

Here you can find Komatsu’s project (in Dutch).

You can watch the hilarious video and read why the money is needed and what Komatsu want to do with the money.
Komatsu needs the help and support of all loyal fans, friends, family and those who are sympathetic to the band. Please support our project and become a donor!

If you live ouside Holland and want to support the project, you can mail the band: The bandmembers can help you with donating money from outside Holland. 

16•APR•2015 Record Store Day 2015

 Don’t worry.....KOMATSU will certainly pay attention to this
 beautiful day! Saturday april 18th 2015 the band will play
 during Stoner Nite at de Pit, Terneuzen, together with
 Mantra Machine and Order of the Emperor.
 Showtime Komatsu is 23:00h. More info here.

 But that’s not all folks:
 At 15:00h KOMATSU will give an in-store concert at Echo Audio (de Jongestraat 1, Terneuzen). And because it is Record Store Day.... you can buy a special limited edition of the album ’Manu Armata’ for a sharp price. 

31•MAR•2015 Frankfurt and Merlinpop


  Komatsu had a great night @ Elfer Music Club,
  Frankfurt (GER) last saturday.
  Frankfurt, thanks for the wicked night!
  You can find some pictures (made by Micha) here.

  Next show is Merlinpop 2015, Meerlo (NL).
  At sunday april 5th Komatsu will show up at 22:00 h.
  More info about this festival here.  

24•FEB•2015 Reviews of European tour (with JG)

 Komatsu’s been a while back in Holland.
 It’s always nice to reminisce by reading and collecting the
 many positive international reviews.
 To make it easier for the reader.... a summary of the best odds:


"Komatsu, a  natural quartet of the Netherlands who brought the heaviest and most exciting part of the evening” (SPA)

"Gig-wise, the band delivers a strong performance and prove to be mastering their art – shout out to their heavy-as-fuck bassist, who is lots of fun to watch and whose enthusiasm is contagious".
Heavy chronicles (FRA)

"Pedaling a solid, muscular brand of stoner rock that are big on catchy riffs and gruff vocals that reminds the listener of Karma To Burn, or the more straight ahead moments of Down.
They are visually energetic and start warming up the crowd nicely".
The sleeping Shaman (ENG)

"Komatsu was really great, full of joy, great songs and a tribute to the current leader of the pack: ’Hail to the King’ was dedicated to John Garcia". 
Rockstage riot rheinmain (GER)

"The room is already crowded from the first notes of Komatsu.. "We are from Holland, the Netherlands." The public responds, hangs immediately". (FRA)

"A roller that moves between the stoner doom of High on Fire or the most affordable sludge of Mastodon and Kylesa. Excellent lysergic trip".
Goetia media (SPA)

"Komatsu plays a nice warming set. This dudes make a passionate impression and may be described as promising". (BEL)

"Tight, raw and vicious they propel their songs into the venue. Thanks to the massive riffs and the ever growing ingenious melody lines it seems that those chafing vocals are part of the Komatsu creed. Namely: to demolish every venue whole. The reception is warm for this guys".
Stonerhive (HOL)

“This quartet has a sacred potential and seem to be the new irons -de-lance scene Batavian stoner”
Psychopathia – (FRA)

17•FEB•2015 Win free tickets for Pul Fiction 2


  The next show for Komatsu is Pul Fuction 2.
  At 25th February 2015 the band will play at de Pul, Uden (NL).
  With first class Dutch bands Paceshifters, Monomyth and
  Robbing Banks. The best way to start your rockin´ weekend!

  Wanne win 2 free tickets?
  Join our contest on our Facebook page

11•FEB•2015 support Corrosion Of Conformity


 After supporting QOTSA, Clutch, Red Fang, the Sword,
 Karma to Burn, Truckfighters and John Garcia.....
 Komatsu can add a great band to this list:
 Corrosion Of Conformity (USA) is coming to Holland.
 They play at sunday march 15th 2015 @ Effenaar, Eindhoven
 (only show in Holland) the original killer line-up from the 90’s! 
 KOMATSU & An Evening with Knives shall support COC.
 Here you can order tickets. More information here.

19•JAN•2015 So, here is....

Komatsu would like to introduce and welcome Joris Lindner, our new drummer.
The first show with Joris will be saturday 27th february 2014 at de Pul, Uden (NL).
A nice gig with Robbing Banks, Paceshifters and Monomyth.
So come and support & meet Joris in Uden!

Komatsu would like to thank all the drummers who responded to the ’vacancy’ ,
specifically the drummers who auditioned. Respect! 

15•DEC•2014 Killer tour

We are safely back in Holland. What a killer tour that was!
Komatsu would like to thank John Garcia, Ehren, Mike & Greg, Frank, Julie, Sven, Norbert, Twiggy, Steak, Viek, Z, our partners and kids, SOZ Concerts, Blendomatic, Martijn, Robert, Tonnie, Danielle and all the fantastic people we’ve met during this tour! 

30•OCT•2014 Komatsu tour shirt

  Komatsu tourshirt (sizes S/M/L/XL):
  super massive mothersludgers.
  With tour dates printed on the back.
  Designed by:

  Available at our merch stand during our
  European tour with John Garcia.
  Pre-sale: sunday 2nd november @ Altstadt, Eindhoven!

23•OCT•2014 KOMATSU supports John Garcia during European tour (press release)


  Eindhoven, October 23, 2014 –
  Stoner / sludge formation KOMATSU (Eindhoven,
  NL) will support John Garcia (USA) during his
  European tour. The tour starts in Oslo (NOR) on
  November 5th 2014 and ends on December 12th
  2014 in Jena (GER). In 2013 when KOMATSU played
  at the internationally renowned festival Speedfest
  (Eindhoven, NL) none other than the legendary
  John Garcia (Vista Chino, former Kyuss, Hermano,
  Slo Burn) joined KOMATSU on stage during the
  Slo Burn cover song ‘July’. This unique collaboration
  will now have a sequel in 2014.


Besides Komatsu the band Steak (UK) also joins John Garcia. The tour will take the bands 16,000 km through twelve European countries. In total 31 shows in 35 days. During the tour Komatsu will probably do some solo shows in France and Spain. On November 11th 2014 the tour will bring them all to the Netherlands at W2 in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

The past two years Komatsu played themselves into the spotlights, both in The Netherlands as abroad. After the release of their debut album ’Manu Armata "(2012), things went fast for the band. The international press got excited and listed them as the top of the Dutch rock scene. Acknowledged music magazines rated the album highly. Besides their own gigs, Komatsu supported great names in the rock scene like Karma To Burn, Clutch, High on Fire, Nashville Pussy and played the official after party of Queens of the Stone Age at the Effenaar (Eindhoven, NL).

After short tours in Sweden and the UK, Komatsu joined forces with British blues rockers Desert Storm on a 10” split EP ‘Nomen est Omen’ (2013). For this spilt EP Komatsu covered the Slo Burn song ‘July’. The band decided to send a copy to John Garcia and after hearing also the rest of KOMATSU’s music Garcia said: “I’m a fan!”. As mentioned before, he then joined Komatsu on stage during Speedfest where Garcia played later that day with Vista Chino. After this successful cooperation Komatsu and Garcia kept in touch. This now resulted in John Garcia asking Komatsu to join him on his 2014 European tour.

On Sunday, November 2nd, 2014, Komatsu organizes a ‘goodbye party’ in their hometown before leaving, for the John Garcia tour the next day. The band plays in Cafe Altstadt (Stratumseind 71, Eindhoven). Doors open at 16:00h.
Support act is An Evening With Knives and the entrance fee is 6 euros.

20•OCT•2014 European tour John Garcia 2014

We are very proud en excited to announce that KOMATSU will support John Garcia during his European tour 2014. The tour starts november 5th and ends december 12th.
More details and info soon dudes!

24•SEP•2014 Support Nashville Pussy (USA)

  Sunday 12th october 2014 KOMATSU will support
  Nashville Pussy (USA), together with Cheap Thrills (NL)
  @ Baroeg, Rotterdam.
  Sunday... the perfect day for sleazy rock ’n roll
  and heavy sludge!!
  More info about this show you can find here and here

11•AUG•2014 Pics & video Roadkill

KOMATSU had a blast @ Roadkill Festival in Belgium.
Here you can see a video made by Blomme Marnix of ’Kamikaze’.
AVS television a short video footage of this great festival. 
Here you can see some pics made by Bert Gysemans and here some pics made by Blomme.

28•JUL•2014 Roadkill Festival (B)

For the second time in a row Geuzenpop (Enschede) is cancelled.
So, KOMATSU will not play Geuzenpop @ august 1st 2014.

Next show is Roadkill Festival @ Waarschoot (B). A great international line-up with Karma to Burn (USA), High on Fire (USA), Hayseed Dixie (USA) and Turbowolf (UK). And not to forget....... our friends of PPSR (NL), Tangled Horns (B) and Desert Storm (UK).
Showtime KOMATSU = 16:40h.

More info here.

04•JUL•2014 Forthcoming release Manu Armata in UK

At July 7th 2014 ‘Manu Armata’ is available in the UK. The album shall be released by Blindsight Records.  You can read the first review here. After a successful tour in the UK (december 2013) the ‘stoner-jugernaut’ Komatsu now heads for England again at the end of 2014 (a.s.a.p.)
Meanwhile, we ask all the UK-fans to like our facebook-page, so you can stay in touch with the band:

30•MAY•2014 Elektra Tuinfeest

At the moment Komatsu is writing new songs for their new album.
The first show will be saturday, june 14th @ Elektra Tuinfeest.
A free festival with Diablo blvd, Vanderbuyst, The Machine, Astro Zombies and many more. 

15•MAY•2014 Win free tickets PPSR/Komatsu

Yiehaaa ....a brand new record by Peter Pan Speedrock, called "Buckle Up And Shove It!".
You can listen to it @ 3voor12 Luisterpaal:

PPSR present their new album during 4 shows in Belgium and Holland.
One of these shows is next saturday @ Baroeg, Rotterdam. Komatsu is one of the support-acts.
You can win 2 free tickets here by answering 1 question correctly.

09•APR•2014 Live @ Omrop Fryslan

Komatsu had a great time @ Omrop Fryslân. Besides an interview the band played four songs live at Noardewyn Live. After that they did a show with Candybar Planet at Romein, Leeuwarden.
Here you can watch all four songs. Here you can watch the entire broadcast, incl interview.


07•MAR•2014 Lighttown Fidelity Label Night

  Lighttown Fidelity is the record label from Eindhoven that released the
  album ’Manu Armata’ on vinyl. The label excist one year, so it’s time for a
  party! Today, three heavy stoner bands from this label play @ Effenaar:
  7Weeks (F), KOMATSU and Candybar Planet!
KOMATSU is proud of Lighttown Fidelity and everything that happened with the label after the release of ’Manu Armata’ and hopes to see you all!

The damage is 10 euro and the doors are open @ 19:30h
7Weeks: 20:00h.
KOMATSU: 21:00h
Candybar Planet = 22:15h.

More info here.

18•FEB•2014 Back from Sweden

Sweden was good for KOMATSU!
The band enjoyed the mini-tour and the reactions on the shows are positive:
Here you can read a review of the gig @ Belsepub, Göteborg (5 out of 5 stars, in Swedish).
Here you can read a review of ’Manu Armata’ @ Göteborg Posten (4 out of 5 stars, in Swedish)
Here you can read a review/interview @ Club Adrian/Bastionen, Uddevalla (in Swedish)
KOMATSU is planning to go back to Sweden in september 2014!

08•JAN•2014 Sweden tour

  After their successful and pleasant trip to the UK, KOMATSU is heading to Sweden
  in februari 2014 to play 4 shows. The first show in Stockholm will be the release show
              of ’Manu Armata’ in Sweden, on Ozium Records.

02-06 Harry B. James, Stockholm (Manu Armata release show)
02-07 Glada Ankan, Karlstad
02-08 Belsepub, Goteborg
02-09 Club Adrian, Uddevalla

More info and details about the shows will follow soon. 

06•JAN•2014 UK Tour footage

First of all KOMATSU would like to wish everyone a sludgy new year!

Last year has been good for KOMATSU. We had a blast in the UK in december 2013.
Here you can see a short footage of that tour.
Here you can see the uncensored material.

25•DEC•2013 Merry Christmas

  2013 was a good year for KOMATSU.
  We want to thank y’all for your support.

  We’d like to wish you a merry christmas and a sludgy new year!

  Come and visit our last shows of 2013:
  27-12 Buze, Steenwijk
  28-12 dB’s, Utrecht
  29-12 Musicon, Den Haag

18•DEC•2013 Interview and video KOMATSU @ Speedfest

Here you can see an interview with Miriam and Martijn after their show @ Speedfest 2013.
With Stillman they talk about KOMATSU, their performance at Speedfest and the successful collaboration with John Garcia.

10•DEC•2013 UK Tour

KOMATSU is heading to the UK this weekend to play 4 shows.
They play two shows together with the Britisch blues/stoner rockers Desert Storm to promote their split-EP ’Nomen est Omen’.

12-12 Moonclub, Cardiff (with Heavy on the Ride and Ten Year Trip)
13-12 Maverick Studios, Bristol
14-12 Scream Lounge, Croydon/London (with Stoneghost, Desert Storm and Silas)
15-12 the Wheatsheaf, Oxford (with Palehorse, Desert Storm, Komrad and more)

More info about the shows here

07•DEC•2013 Massafest IV: Winter edition

  Tonight KOMATSU plays @ Massafest IV, the Lane in Oostburg.
  A stoner festival with a great international line-up. For al who love
  heavy riffs and groovy vibes. Check the first winter edition!
  Pektop: 19:00 - 19:45h
  KOMATSU:20:15 - 21:00h
  Gurt: 21:30 - 22:15h
  Tonerlow: 22:45 -23:45h
  Monkey3: 00:15 - 01:30h 

28•NOV•2013 Reviews Speedfest 8

The media liked KOMATSU’s show @ Speedfest 8. Here you can read what they say about their show (in Dutch): 3voor12, Godi, Eindhovens Dagblad, Kindamuzik and Keys and Chords.

26•NOV•2013 Buy ’Nomen est Omen’ online

You can order the split-EP ’Nomen est Omen’ with Desert Storm (UK) in our online store
10" split EP (180 gr vinyl, white): 10 euro, excl. shipping.
For more info, check

25•NOV•2013 Video KOMATSU ft. John Garcia @ Speedfest

Here you can watch the video of KOMATSU playing ’July’ live at Speedfest 2013, ft. John Garcia (Vista Chino and ex-Kyuss, Hermano, Unida and Slo Burn).

24•NOV•2013 Speedfest: the day after

Thanks everyone at Speedfest 2013 for the amazing day. Special thanks go out to Peter Pan Speedrock and John Garcia (who joined us singing ’July’) and our lovely crew.
You can see some great pictures of KOMATSU, behind the scenes & on stage here (by Studio Stuimig). Stay tuned for some video material @ Speedfest!

20•NOV•2013 John Garcia and KOMATSU

 KOMATSU will baptize their new split release with the
 British blues stoners Desert Storm at Speedfest.
 Among the tracks Komatsu recorded for this EP is a cover
 version of ’July’, a song by John Garcia’s former band Slo Burn.
 Garcia’s current band Vista Chino plays Speedfest just before
 midnight, but the man himself will join KOMATSU on the same
 stage at 2 PM to sing ’July’ with KOMATSU!
 Garcia, after listening to KOMATSU: "I’m a fan!".
 Be on time for this great collaboration!

08•NOV•2013 Promo KOMATSU @ Speedfest

Watch the new promo-video for our show @ Speedfest


08•NOV•2013 Release split EP Nomen est Omen

  In October 2013 KOMATSU recorded two new songs
  at the Pop-Ei studio in Eindhoven: the grooving ’Cast
  away’ and the Slo Burn cover ’July’ . Both songs will
  appear on a split-EP together with Desert Storm
  (UK) called ’Nomen est Omen’. The blues/stoner
  rockers from England contributed two songs:
  ’Word To The Wiseman’ and ’Shadow Of An Eagle’
  (both from the album ’Horizontal Life’).

  The EP will only appear on 10 " vinyl and is released
  by record label Lighttown Fidelity from Eindhoven
  (distribution by Suburban Records).
The artwork is made by Chris White (Desert Storm)

On Saturday, November 23th, 2013 KOMATSU will present the new split-EP at Speedfest 8. During Speedfest this EP will be available at a special price!
In December 2013, KOMATSU will travel to England where they’ll play four shows with Desert Storm to promote ’Nomen est Omen’

23•OCT•2013 Support Karma to Burn

A "last second" show is confirmed:
saturday, october 26th 2013, KOMATSU will serve as support act for Karma To Burn (USA) @ W2, Den Bosch. Showtime KOMATSU = 20:30 h. More info here.

22•OCT•2013 Next show

  Next show: this friday @ Baroeg Rotterdam with Peter Pan Speedrock and
  Joe Madman & the Sidewalkers. Showtime KOMATSU = 20.45 h.
  More info here

  And a new show confirmed:
  sunday, december 29th 2013 @ Musicon, Den Haag (NL)  

15•OCT•2013 Speedfest 2013

KOMATSU is happy to announce that they’ll play @ Speedfest 2013 (Klokgebouw, Eindhoven).
A great festival in their hometown with an insane line-up:
Hatebreed / Vista Chino / Buzzcocks / Agnostic Front / Peter Pan Speedrock / Valient Thor r /
Wildmen / The Monsters / The Urban Voodoo Machine / Tech-9 / Honky / Monster Truck /
Guana Batz / Bullet / P.O.X. and more acts tba!

Stay tuned for more info about KOMATSU @ Speedfest!
02•OCT•2013 Support Truckfighters

KOMATSU serves as support act for Truckfighters (SWE) @ Vera, Groningen on friday october 11th 2013. The doors are open at 20:30h and KOMATSU will play at 21:00h. Price: 12 euro.
Besides all the fuzz....let there be sludge!!
More info here

26•SEP•2013 UK shows

KOMATSU will be heading to the UK in december. Come and feel KOMATSU december 14th and 15th 2013 in Croydon (Scream Lounge) and Oxford (The Wheatsheaf) together with Desert Storm.
More UK shows will be announced soon.
More info here.

23•SEP•2013 Belgian shows

KOMATSU will be touring Belgium in november. Come and feel KOMATSU november 15th and 16th 2013 in Hasselt and Nederzwalm. More Belgian shows will be announced soon, as well as other European shows.
More info here.


20•SEP•2013 Kempenerpop 2013


   KOMATSU is playing KEMPENERPOP 2013 @ saturday
   september 21th. A cool festival (3 days) with free
   entrance and a superb line-up: Green Lizard, the Dirty
   Denims, Kensington, Diablo Blvd, Four Headed Dog
   (PPSR project), the Exploited, Traumahelikopter
   and many many more!

   KOMATSU shall play @ 20:00h at the Jack Stage.

   Let there be sludge!

17•SEP•2013 New shows on scedule

The original show @ Rock café de Engel, Den Helder (september 27th 2013, What the Fuzz festival) has been postponed: friday january 24th 2014

New show confirmed:
Sunday october 13th 2013 , Kaats Khaos @ Extase, Tilburg (with Sunbourne and Sun rider).
Free entrance.

13•SEP•2013 Old school shirts

 New ’old school’ KOMATSU t-shirts available!
 Black shirt, white print. Sizes: S, M, L and XL.
 Buy them @ our live shows for 12 euro.
 Soon you can order them on this website (store).


06•SEP•2013 Introducing......Marco Gelissen

   Marco Gelissen will replace guitarist Stephan Quint for
   the time being. Marco played with Liftid for 12 years and
   for 2 years with Machego. He played @ Pinkpop so he is
   not afraid to take the stage. Currently he is starting a new
   band but luckily he found time to help out KOMATSU.


   The first KOMATSU show with Marco will be:
   saturday 14th September, JKC Nirwana Dronten.

03•SEP•2013 Again setback for KOMATSU

Guitarist Stephan Quint is in hospital due to serious heart problems. Currently it is unclear how long he will be out of circulation. Stephan will be temporarely replaced by Marco Gelissen (ex-Liftid), so most of the planned shows can and will go on!

KOMATSU’s thoughts go out to Stephan and wishes him and his family much strength!

06•AUG•2013 Schollenpop 2013

 We had a blast @ Schollenpop, Scheveningen. Perfect  
 weather, sexy crowd and amazing view from stage!

 KOMATSU would like to thank the people from
 Schollenpop and all the people on the beach.

 Here you can read a review from 3voor12 (in Dutch) and
 here you can find some pics.

01•AUG•2013 Schollenpop

Next saturday KOMATSU is playing Schollenpop 2013, a free festival @ Zuiderstrand, Scheveningen (Den Haag). Showtime KOMATSU: 18:10h (mainstage). More info here.

Main stage                                                  House of Rockstage
13:00 Bandits                                                13:35 Kelly wants to fly
14:10 Mozes and the Firstborn                  14:55 Kraantje Pappie
15:40 Nielson                                                16:25 1-up
17:00 Naked                                                  17:35 Doghouse
18:10 KOMATSU                                           19:00 Neighour Neigbour
19:35 Urban Heroes                                     20:25 Woot
21:00 Soul Sister Dance Revolution           21:25 Michelle van Min
22:00 Splendid

23•JUL•2013 Geuzenpop 2013 is cancelled

Geuzenpop 2013 is cancelled due to disappointing sponsorships and grants and the large amount of prepayments.
So...... KOMATSU is not playing Geuzenpop on the 2nd of August 2013.

17•JUL•2013 Streetrock & next show

 Streetrock Bakel thanx for an awing day!
 Next show : 30 July 2013, Rockcafé Renesse (NL)

04•JUL•2013 Pics and review @ Effenaar

 A big thank you to Effenaar, Red Fang & The Sword......we had
 an awesome evening.
 Special thanks to all the >1000 visitors for being on time!  

 Here you can read a live review by
 Here and here you can find some great pics made by
 Anchrome  Moments and Rockblog.

01•JUL•2013 Time scedule Effenaar

KOMATSU would certainly like to play two new songs @ Effenaar.
That’s why they decided to kick-off a few minutes earlier.
So...instead of 19:15h KOMATSU will start about 19:05h
Hope to see yall on time!

18:30 Doors open
19:05 - 19:45 KOMATSU
20:15 - 21:15 The Sword
21:45 - 23:00 Red Fang


19•JUN•2013 Interview Lords Of Metal

Here you can read an interview with KOMATSU on the great metal website ’Lords Of Metal’ (in English). The band speaks about the recordings of ’Manu Armata’, reviews and plans for the future.

16•MAY•2013 KOMATSU this weekend

  Friday 17th May 2013 KOMATSU is playing @ Groene Engel in Oss.
  Together with their friends Peter Pan SpeedRock and
  Deadbeats.Showtime KOMATSU is 21:40h.
  More info here.

  Saturday 18th May 2013 KOMATSU will play in Belgium.
  Together with 15009 Zorek (B), Barbus (B) & the Kieffs (FR)
  they play @ L’entrepot in Arlon. Showtime KOMATSU is 23:55h.
  More info here.

05•MAY•2013 Rock the Ville

In ’Rock the Ville’ Eric Corton is talking (in Dutch) about KOMATSU’s debut album.
You can see and hear that he likes ’Manu Armata’!
From 5:00 min till the end the item is about KOMATSU.
Watch the video here!

26•APR•2013 Video Kamikaze

Here it is, the brand new video of ’Kamikaze’ by KOMATSU (made by Studio Stuimig).


25•APR•2013 German booking agency

KOMATSU is signed by German booking agency Weird World.
An agency with a lot of great bands in his roster:
Helmet, Ill Nino, Gwar, Karma to Burn, Therapy? and many others.
The Germans are warned: wear ohrstöpsel!

24•APR•2013 Terneuzen is on Fire

    This saturday (27th April) KOMATSU is
    playing @ Terneuzen is on Fire.
    A great international line-up with
    awesome stoner and sludge bands in
    de Pit, Terneuzen.

    Doors open: 13:30h, first band: 14:00h
    Tickets: € 12,50 (pre-sale) & €16 @ the door

    00:00-01:00 Victor Griffin’s In-Graved (US)
    22:45-23:30 Cough (US)
    21:30-22:15 Witch Mountain (US)
    20:15-21:00 The Shrine (US)
    19:00-19:45 Castle (US)
   17:45-18:30 Komatsu (NL)
    16:30-17:15 The Forbidden Planet (NL)
    15:15:16:00 These Mountains are Ghosts
    14:00-14:45 44 Venom (NL)
    13:30 Doors open
21•APR•2013 New shows on scedule

KOMATSU is playing Lollipop Festival, Oss on friday 2nd August 2013.
A day later the band is playing Geuzenpop, Enschede. A rock festival with Monster Magnet (USA), Pro Pain (USA), Karma to Burn (USA), Diablo Blvd (B), Traumahelikopter (NL), Black Bone (NL) and many more. More info here.

20•APR•2013 KOMATSU in Up Magazine

Interview with KOMATSU in Up Magazine no 96, May 2013 (in Dutch).
Here you can order Up Magazine.

18•APR•2013 Win free (combi-)tickets for KOMATSU gigs!

Here you can win one of the five combi-tickets for the ’Terneuzen Is On Fire’ stonerfestival on 26 & 27 april 2013. You have only three days left to win a combi-ticket.... but there is even more to win!
Here you can win a free ticket for KOMATSU @ Effenaar (together with Clutch, Red Fang & the Sword) on 2 july 2013. Read on KOMATSU’s Facebook page what to do!

08•APR•2013 Order CD ’Manu Armata’

Besides ’Manu Armata’ on vinyl, you can now order this CD here on our website (12,50 euro, ex shipping). Of course you can buy this album for the same price at one of our live gigs.

01•APR•2013 Band of the week on MusicFrom

It could be a sick joke, but it isn’t: KOMATSU is band of the week on the Dutch website MusicFrom. Read the interview (in Dutch) about the album, lyrics and win a signed copy of ’Manu Armata’ here.

29•MAR•2013 Interview Aardschok

Here you can read an interview with bass player Martijn Mansvelders in Aardschok, the international rock & metal magazine (page 67, april 2013):

21•MAR•2013 2 x KOMATSU this weekend

 This weekend you can "feel" Komatsu twice!
 Next friday the band will play with Container @ Metal Front
 Coevorden. Showtime Komatu is 23:30h. More info here.

 The day after Komatsu will play @ de Peppel (Zeist) together with
 Container and Hey Kid. Showtime Komatsu is 21:50h.
 More info here.

20•MAR•2013 Review Up Magazine

We’ve received 92/100 points for ’Manu Armata’ in Up Magazine (edtion 94).
You can order the magazine (in Dutch) here (3,95 euro)

15•MAR•2013 German review

Here you can read the translation of the German review on

KOMATSU - Steamroll-Machine
The band makes the impression, that they are acting very professional and they are full of joy. With Komatsu, another supergroup has formed and bring us their Bulldoze-Rock. The four from Eindhoven brought us an EP with six fulminant Metalstonerhardrock-Songs. Raising your first, headbanging and also jumping to this songs is absolutely legitimate. ’Manu Armata’ is their full-length debut album. 

A good production, musically and technically high-classed and a very good and mature singer which fits to the thundering drumming and the very offensive Bass. Two sludge-guitars that are away from being boring fulfill this „lesson“ of better Hardstonerrock.
On ’Blackwater’ two or three riffs and a few small fast changes are enough to finish something exciting. ’Beat you to the punch‘ has the potential to get stuck in your head. While listening to the record, the consumer will notice the high quote of speedmetal, like in songs like ’Kamikaze’ or ’Motherload’, which even makes the album more exciting. Also Punk, Hard Classic Rock and the „good old dusty rosty Doom“ are found on this record. The impression that KOMATSU aren‘t copying themselves throughout the album even doesn’t change after listening to it‘s entirety for a few times.

This should be the breakthrough for this quartett , which hopefully show their wide and exciting repertoire on a lot of summer-festivals or Clubs in germany in 2013"

08•MAR•2013 Interview Komatsu in Rocktribune

Interview (in Dutch) with Mo & Martijn from Komatsu in the Belgium metal-magazine Rocktribune (march 2013):

02•MAR•2013 Order Manu Armata on vinyl


  ’Manu Armata’ on 180 gr. black/blue vinyl (ltd to 200 copies)
  Gatefold cover, with download code
  Price: 17,50 euro
  Label: Lighttown Fidelity
  Order here

  ’Manu Armata’ on 180 gr. white vinyl (ltd to 100 copies)
  Gatefold cover, with download code
  Price: 17,50 euro
  Label: Lighttown Fidelity
  Order here

01•MAR•2013 Reviews album release party

You can read 3 very positive reviews of the album release party (february 24th) in Dutch here:
Muzikantenweb Magazine, Roarezine, 3voor12 Eindhoven.

01•MAR•2013 Review Aardschok Magazine

82 points for ’Manu Armata’ in Aardschok Magazine!

28•FEB•2013 New show on scedule

Tuesday july 2nd 2013 KOMATSU will play in Effenaar, Eindhoven with Clutch (USA), Red Fang (USA) and the Sword (USA). A great line-up. From march 2nd 2013 you can buy tickets here.

26•FEB•2013 Album Release party

KOMATSU would like to thank all the people (and of course Kaligoh & Brassum) who supported us at our album release party last sunday!
KOMATSU had a great time and is proud to have such a sexy looking album.
Here you can read the first review (in Dutch).

25•FEB•2013 Show replaced

The show on March 1st in Buze (Steenwijk) will be replaced. Treekillaz (SUI) cancelled their Dutch tour in march 2013 due to personal circumstances. A new date will be announced on our website.

23•FEB•2013 Komatsu on 3voor12 Luisterpaal

Now you can hear all 11 songs of ’Manu Armata’ (for free) on 3voor12 Luisterpaal

21•FEB•2013 Album release party

Sunday february 24th, the album release party will start at 16h (doors open)  

Time scedule:
Kaligoh 17:00-17:40h.
Album presentation KOMATSU 18:10-18:20 h
Brassum 18:30-19:15h
Komatsu 20:00 - 21:00 uur

More info here

19•FEB•2013 Komatsu on ’Time to Rock’ (radio)

Hear a bandmember of Komatsu talk about the bands debut album and the release party.
Tune in on wednesday evening february 20th (21:30h) and listen to ’Time to Rock’ at or 106.2 FM / 94.4 cable.

15•FEB•2013 Komatsu on Helmrock, radio

Sunday 17th february, bandmembers of KOMATSU will appear in the radio program ’Helmrock’ on Omroep Helmond. They will play their favourite music and talk about their debutalbum. You can hear it (between 21h and 23h) on 107.2Fm or 94.4 cabel or on the internet.

12•FEB•2013 Terneuzen is on Fire! (stonerfest)

Komatsu will play at the Terneuzen is on Fire Stonerfest in de Pit, Terneuzen. On the 2nd day (27th april 2013) a very nice and heavy line-up will apear:
Cough (US), Witch Mountain (US), The Shrine (US), Castle (US), Komatsu (NL), Forbidden Planet (NL), These Mountains Are Ghosts (BE) and Venom (NL).
More info here.

02•FEB•2013 First reviews Manu Armata

Click on the tab "about" on this page and you can read quotes out of the first reviews.
Click on the links beneath this quotes and you can read the whole review.

28•JAN•2013 Tickets CD Release Party

From now on, you can reserve tickets for KOMATSU’s CD Release Party (24/2/1013).
All you have to do is.... call cafe Altstadt (040-2432399) and tell them your name and number of tickets you want. You can pay on 24th february.

CD Release Party, cafe Altstadt, Stratumseind 71, Eindhoven.
Doors open: 4:00 PM, entrance 7,50 euro, support acts: Kaligoh & Brassum.

27•JAN•2013 Lighttown Fidelity

’Manu Armata’ will be released on vinyl!!
Lighttown Fidelity is a brand new record label from Eindhoven and shall release the debut album of KOMATSU on february 24th 2013, same release date as the CD.

25•JAN•2013 Cover "Manu Armata"

Here it is.........the cover of our new album! (made by Igor van Vijfeyken)


24•JAN•2013 Suburban Records

  KOMATSU is signed by the Dutch Rock ’n Roll label Suburban Records.
  They shall release KOMATSU’s debut album ’Manu Armata’ at 24th
  february 2013. Here you can read more info (in Dutch).
  Proud & happy!!!!

23•JAN•2013 Teaser new album

Here you have a sneak peek of "Blackwater", a heavy song from the debut album by KOMATSU.
The album is called "Manu Armata" and will be launched at the CD release party in café Altstadt (Eindhoven) on february 24th 2013.


(Pictures and video by Studio Stuimig).

28•DEC•2012 New date and supports CD release party

KOMATSU and the people that are involved in the proces of making the new full length studio album, need more time (artwork, press and promotion). Due to that reason, the CD release party shall be moved from 18th januari 2013 to 24th februari 2013. The location is café Altstadt, Eindhoven.

Kaligoh is a brand new stoner/doom/metalband from Eindhoven Rockcity. Guitarist Stephan Quint played in Kaligoh before he started playing in KOMATSU. Brassum is the second support act of the evening. This heavy rockband played recently at the LömpeKlompe Festival and Distortion. The perfect band to warm up the crowd.
More info (tickets, time-scedule) will follow soon! 

27•DEC•2012 New shows

Two new shows for March 2013 on the scedule (see: tour)

21•NOV•2012 Pics from gigs

Here you can find some pics from the gig with PPSR in Ulft and here some pics and a small review from the last Popronde show in Nijmegen last weekend.

16•NOV•2012 Last Popronde shows

This weekend KOMATSU will play their 2 last Popronde shows.
Saturday 17th november they play café Joie, Maastricht at 22:45h. More info here.
Sunday 18th november KOMATSU will play Lindenberg, Nijgemegen at 18:30h (Valkhofzaal). More info here.

09•NOV•2012 2 x support PPSR

This weekend KOMATSU will support Peter Pan Speedrock twice!
At friday 9-11 the bands will play in Cultuurcentrum Martien van Doorne, Deurne (21h)
Saturday 10-11 both bands from Eindhoven Rockcity will play DRU Cultuurfabriek in Ulft (21:30h).
More info: see "tour".

02•NOV•2012 Studio recordings

The recordings of our first full length studio-album are finished! 10 days of hard work but also fun with producer Theo van Rock. Theo thanks for this great experience!
Next up...... the mastering.
Stay tuned for more info about the album and release!
Pictures of the recordings (made by Studio Stuimig) you can find here.


17•OCT•2012 Twitter

  You can follow KOMATSU as well on Twitter. Click on the Twitter-icon above!

12•OCT•2012 New shows 2013

New shows for 2013 on the scedule! (see: tour)

05•OCT•2012 Studio Stuimig follows KOMATSU

Saskia Kropff from Studio Stuimig will follow KOMATSU the next months with her photo camera. You will get a creative view during the recordings sessions in the studio, backstage by shows but also during moments when the band talks about the artwork for the album or during a radio-interview. All untill the album release-show in café Altstadt 18th january 2013!

18•SEP•2012 CD release party

In october 2012 KOMATSU is heading the Pop-Ei studio with producer Theo van Rock to record their first full length studio album. This CD shall be released at friday 18th january in café Altstadt, Eindhoven. More info about supports, time-scedule and entrance will follow.
Write this down in your agenda!

14•SEP•2012 3From1

This weekend it is 3From1 with KOMATSU.
- Friday 14th september KOMATSU will play in Amsterdam, the Cave with Abe-Diddy.
Showtime 22:30h and entrance is 5 euro.
-Saturday 15th september they will play in Zwolle, Popfront. This is a Popronde show with KOMATSU (showtime 22:45h) and John Coffey (00:15h). Entrance is free.
-Sunday 16th september the band will play the Impact Festival, Helmond.
Showtime KOMATSU is 21h at the Lakei stage. Entrance is free.
Hope to see you this weekend, somewhere!


11•SEP•2012 Cortonville

  Cortonville, the music platform by Eric Corton, will pay some attention to
  KOMATSU. You can hear songs of the band on webradio next thursday
  13th september at 21:00h on

  When you miss it.... don’t worry!
  You can listen to the broadcast on after next friday.

  #22: check at 15.45 min. for ’Komatsu’ and the 2nd hour at 14.40 min
  for ’Believe’.

05•SEP•2012 New show

New show on the scedule: 29-09-2012 Splotz, Roelofarendsveen (NL). More info will follow soon.

31•AUG•2012 New show

New show on the scedule: 10-11-2012 DRU Cultuurfabriek, Ulft (support PPSR)

30•AUG•2012 Popronde 2012


  The traveling festival Popronde is starting 7th september 2012
  and KOMATSU is in as the only stoner/sludgeband!
  The band is playing their first show in Nijmegen.
  Here you can find more info about this show and here about
  Popronde 2012. Popronde ends at 18th october so more shows
  for KOMATSU can follow.


You can see KOMATSU in the next cities:
07-09 Nijmegen, de Bijstand
15-09 Zwolle, Popfront
21-09 Apeldoorn, Ozzy
11-10 Groningen, Knarie
19-10 Tilburg, Little Devil
03-11 Oss, café Lollipop

17•AUG•2012 Popelucht Festival


  Last year KOMATSU couldn’t play at Popelucht in Etten-Leur, but this
  year they will! A nice line-up with some bands from Eindhoven.
  Come and see the Dirty Denims (15:20h), KOMATSU (20:40h) and
  Bang Bang Bazooka (22:00h) on sunday 26th august 2012.
  For those who hesitate....... it’s free! 

  Here you can read an interview with bass player Martijn Mansvelders
  from KOMATSU, about Popelucht 2012.


20•JUN•2012 Revenge Of The Rock n Roll Monsters


  8 september 2012 KOMATSU will be playing at Revenge Of The Rock n
  Roll Monsters at Gebouw T in Bergen op Zoom, together with
  Peter Pan Speedrock, Karma to Burn and Honky.
  More info: "Tour".

  That same day KOMATSU is playing at the Sonic Boom Festival at
  Pop Ei, Eindhoven (showtime 17:30h).

14•JUN•2012 Employe of the month

Erik van Schenk-Brill (guitar/voc) has left KOMATSU. Erik is replaced by Stephan Quint.
Stephan is a well-known face in Eindhoven Rockcity. He played in bands like De Vettige Matjes, GodsChosenDealer and Motorbongo.
The first show with Stephan will be Popelucht Festival, Etten-Leur at 26th august 2012.

16•MAY•2012 Pop aan Zee, Terneuzen

We had a great time supporting Karma to Burn (USA) in Dordrecht, Drachten and Venlo!
Our next show will be Pop aan Zee, at de Pit in Terneuzen.
Come and see Gork 27, KOMATSU and their fellow-townsmen PPSR.
Check this link for more details and information.

30•APR•2012 Popronde 2012

Out of more than 1000 bands, KOMATSU is selected for Popronde 2012!
From september till november KOMATSU may be able to play in approximately 31 cities in Holland. Check out here for the selected bands and data.


13•FEB•2012 Karma To Burn

Komatsu will be doing the support for Karma To Burn at three of their dutch shows. May 11-13. For more info check Tour.

08•FEB•2012 EP available at Blendomatic shop

You can pre-order the upcoming EP at blendomatic-shop here

25•JAN•2012 Blast at W2

We had a blast at W2 with PPSR. Check this link or this one for some cool pics! Stay tuned, more shows coming up!




13•JAN•2012 Komatsu at W2

Komatsu will be doing the support for Peter Pan Speedrock at W2 Den Bosch, january 21st. For more info follow this link.

12•JAN•2012 Blendomatic

Komatsu merchandise is now available at Blendomatic. Check this link to find out and get it now! The vinyl-look EP will be available until FEB 10 through this website. After the EP release party at Altstadt you can order it at the Blendomatic Shop.

23•DEC•2011 Feb 10, 2012: EP release party

Mark your calendar: 10th of february 2012, Komatsu EP release party at Cafe Altstadt Eindhoven. More info coming soon. Meanwhile check our promo


13•DEC•2011 Komatsu on Spotify

The Komatsu - Komatsu EP is now also available on Spotify. Please follow this link to open Komatsu on your Spotify player.

02•DEC•2011 Cool reviews

Check the following links for some cool reviews:

Lords of Metal:

23•NOV•2011 New website online

Howdy folks. The new Komatsu website is online. Soon we’ll add some extra features like reviews, pics and other nice stuff. Meanwhile, make sure to get our EP - you can get it here (BandCamp) or here (iTunes) or just listen to it (just look down) on this brand new website.

22•NOV•2011 Komatsu EP in iTunes top 25!

The brand new Komatsu EP hit the Top 25 in the iTunes rock albums download!

21•NOV•2011 Komatsu EP available on iTunes

The new Komatsu EP is now available on iTunes. Click here to get it and if you don’t have iTunes, follow this link to download it.

17•NOV•2011 EP @ BandCamp

The Komatsu EP is now available @ BandCamp! Download it for free!

08•NOV•2011 EP coming up

The first Komatsu EP containing 6 songs is coming up. Stay tuned because we’re going to hand out some copies for free!

02•SEP•2011 BestFest

Komatsu at BestFest, showtime: 19:20! More info check

24•JUN•2011 Extra show

Komatsu will be playing at the Martinetplein in Deurne together with Peter Pan Speedrock and Shaking Godspeed. When? Tomorrow! Free entrance! For more check this link.

08•MAY•2011 Komatsu tracks online

Komatsu put two tracks of their upcoming EP online. Check them on

27•APR•2011 Klok Rock Orange Time Table

Check the timetable:

-12.00 tot 12.30 Blackbone
-13.00 tot 13.30 Digital Orchestra
-14.00 tot 14.40 Malle Pietje and the Bimbo’s
-15.00 tot 15.30 Van Der Buyst
-16.00 tot 16.30 Radio Dead Ones
-17.00 tot 17.30 Komatsu
-18.00 tot 18.30 Bang Bang Bazooka
-19.00 tot 19.30 Peter Pan Speedrock Special
-20.00 tot 20.30 Gewapend Beton
-21.00 tot 21.30 Tech-9
-22.00 tot 22.30 The Deaf

02•MAR•2011 QOTSA afterparty

Komatsu will be playing at the official Queens Of The Stone Age afterparty at the Effenaar (14/05/2011). For more info about this event check

25•FEB•2011 Klok Rock Orange

Komatsu is proud to announce that they will be part of the Klok Rock Orange festival in Eindhoven, April 30th. More info about this soon...

21•JAN•2011 Komatsu goes Belgium

Tomorrow Komatsu will do its first show abroad. Together with Tangled Horns they will be playing at ’t Slot in Wortel, Belgium. Check this link for more info.

30•DEC•2010 2011, Komatsu is Comin’

2011 will be the year of Komatsu! At least, according to Roar Ezine. Check their review.

29•OCT•2010 Studio time

Komatsu will be recording some material in the brand new Pop Ei studios. Check our Facebook for more output and pics...

17•OCT•2010 Komatsu support Karma To Burn

Komatsu will be supporting Karma To Burn, november 26, at W2 Den Bosch. For more info check

11•OCT•2010 Cul de Sac Review

Review 3voor12 Tilburg, check it here

22•SEP•2010 Cul de Sac

New show on the schedule: Cul de Sac, Tilburg, 07-10-2010.

20•SEP•2010 Kempenerpop review

Review 3voor12 Eindhoven, check it here

23•AUG•2010 New show

New show on the schedule: Muziekcafe Helmond: 19-11-2010.

01•JUL•2010 First review online

First review online! Check it here

30•JUN•2010 Komatsu Kick Off

We would like to thank all friends and fans who supported us during our first demonstration. For those who missed it: 18-09 Kempenerpop!